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Antigua Carnival


Official site of the Caribbean's

Greatest Summer Festival


Antigua & Barbuda

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The Official Homepage of the Antigua and Barbuda Department of Tourism containing a full guide to the islands: location, climate, history, culture, and events

About Antigua

365 Beautiful beaches—One for ever day of the year. Come savour the many flavours of peaceful Antigua!

Immerse yourself in an exotic, amiable world at the heart of the Caribbean geographically, socially, culturally and spiritually.

Antigua is a "beach with an island in the middle." Its famed countless, silky beaches lapped by iridescent azure seas are cooled by lyric breezes. Surrounded by dramatic reefs, there's fabulous safe diving, swimming and water sports and for those preferring "terra firma," tennis golf, squash, hiking and horse riding.

The unspoilt, naturally charming resort island is the largest in the Leeward islands with its serene, small sister island, Barbuda, 26 miles to the north. Retaining an eminence amongst those more selective visitors, the traditions of a high proportion of repeat visitors, the traditions of service, a smiling face, and superb cuisine.

Entertainment is both local and cosmopolitan and soft Caribbean sounds can be heard throughout the island. Summer carnival is the cultural and entertainment highlight of the year and one of the liveliest!

Fascinating Nelson's Dockyard at English Harbour, for centuries recognized as on of the finest shelters in the entire Caribbean, was built by the famous Admiral and still stands, just as it was. It is now the home of one of the world's biggest ocean racing events. "Sailing week," is a fun-filled experience in itself.

This spacious island, with its rolling hills and sightseeing, maintaining a priceless village ambiance to add to the sensation of timelessness.


Antigua Sailing Week


Official site of the Caribbean's best and biggest international yacht racing regatta.